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Offsite resources are resources outside our web site related to this module.

Release Log

  • 0.8 was publicly released on 2012/09/11:

    • New:

      • The sourceforge web site for this project now uses Allura.

    • Fix:

      • The code now uses extern "C" for C++ compilers.

  • 0.7 was publicly released on 2012/09/01:

    • New:

      • The API now includes default integrands to compute the internal energy density (which differs from the default energy density in that it does not include the rest mass).

    • Fix:

      • Some typos were fixed.

      • The check on looked up quantity in computation of integrand value was improved (fixes 3520123).

  • 0.6 was publicly released on 2012/02/01:

    • New:

      • The API now includes routines to set the upper limit for quantity integrals.

      • The API now includes routines to copy a fermion or a boson.

    • Fix:

      • Default boson integrals now correctly return zero when rest mass and integration variable are both zero.

      • The examples Makefile has been cleaned up.

      • The Thomas-Fermi example has been cleaned up and made more compliant with the API.

  • 0.5 was publicly released on 2011/11/07:

    • New:

      • Code now computes number density for zero rest mass fermions directly from integrated function.

    • Reorganization:

      • Restriction that fermion number density be non-zero has been removed.

  • 0.4 was publicly released on 2011/05/10:

    • New:

      • Code is now hosted at SourceForge.net.

      • The examples/ directory now includes a regression test script generator.

    • Reorganization:

      • Examples directory has moved to same level as src/.

      • Example codes now have descriptive names.

  • 0.3 was publicly released on 2011-02-15:

    • Fix:

      • Documentation has been corrected to state that computeChemicalPotential() routines return mu/kT.

      • Unreliable floating point comparisons have been fixed.

      • gsl-config --cflags has been added to allow examples Makefile to find gsl includes.

    • Reorganization:

      • Creation of tmp directory for examples is now automatic.

  • 0.2 was publicly released on 2010-01-23:

    • Fix:

      • Prototypes on accessor functions have been changed for better const correctness. This is a backwards-compatible change.

      • Tutorial typos have been fixed.

  • 0.1 was publicly released on 2009-08-27:

    • New:

      • Initial Release

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