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Release Log

  • 0.6 was publicly released on 11/25/2011:

    • New:

      • Routines have been added to allow the user to change the format for level energies and Einstein A coefficients to XML output (closes liblvls:tickets:#2).

      • An example code has been added to convert a text file from the NIST Atomic Spectra Database to liblvls XML.

      • An example code has been added to print out spontaneous transitions into and out of a particular level in a species.

  • 0.5 was publicly released on 09/01/2011:

    • Fix:

      • The routine to compute the Einstein coefficients has been corrected (fixes liblvls:tickets:#1).

  • 0.4 was publicly released on 08/26/2011:

    • New:

      • liblvls is now hosted at SourceForge.net.

      • The examples/ directory now includes a regression test script generator.

    • Reorganization:

      • Examples directory has moved to same level as src/.

      • Example codes now have descriptive names.

      • Data for example codes is now downloaded separately.

  • 0.3 was publicly released on 10/09/2010:

    • New:

      • New API routines permit the user to create zones, add them, relabel them, and remove them.

      • A new API routine allows the user to extract a copy of a species with a subset of levels selected by an XPath expression.

      • It is now possible to specify the order in which levels, species, and zones are iterated by supplying and applying a comparison function.

      • A new API routine allows users to sort the levels for a species.

    • Fix:

      • Some typos in documentation and technical reports have been fixed.

    • Reorganization:

      • The default iteration of levels is now by their current indices, which is initially set by the order in which they were added.

  • 0.2 was publicly released on 02/14/2010:

    • New:

      • A new routine to compute the equilibrium probabilities of all levels of a species has been added.

    • Fix:

      • Some prototypes have been changed for better const correctness.

      • Some typos in documentation and technical reports have been fixed.

    • Reorganization:

      • Several prototypes have been changed to use size_t's instead of unsigned ints which allows routines to interface with gsl routines more cleanly.

      • Optional properties are now simply stored as strings. The previous Property structure has been replaced and the associated routines have been appropriately modified.

      • Iterations over zones, species, and levels are now sorted with qsort() which should greatly speed up iterations.

  • 0.1 was publicly released on 10/02/2008:

    • New:

      • Initial Release

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